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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Checking in with self, Mr. and Mrs. America and all ships at sea...

Saturday morning: an absolutely invigorating blast of autumn morning. Brisk, brilliant, replenishing. I've hit a wall this week. Exhaustion, insomnia, reconnecting with my life here and letting go of my life there for the time being. A day like today might get me out of it. The pile of laundry left on the floor from our perfunctory Monday unpacking is diminishing. The mound of papers and detritus of travel downstairs and up will be hacked through today (I could probably go on with my life without an ATM receipt from O'Hare, right?). The newly recovered hardwood underneath will be spit-shined. And I will be better.

I find that in my day-to-day Maine life I'm disconnecting to a certain extent, and this is a good thing. I listened to two old friends on the dial last night and read, and it was bliss. Picked this up last week: I'm still working on this and this, but I'm really looking forward to giving proper time to ...Paradox... Clarity, focus, context. I'm working on it. In these days I often wish to drop out completely, build a cabin at the homestead and ride the winter out with a woodstove and radio. But of course I would need a writing table and a typewriter...ok, computer...and plenty of beer...and a coffee grinder, and last I checked those things don't run on batteries...nor does our digital camera...ok that does, but you need power to recharge...

Maybe I'll just stick to fingers in my ears.

Anyway, there's cleaning to get to. I hope to be even more back at the end of it all.


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