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Monday, August 01, 2005

It takes a village idiot

Did you catch Abrams tonight? As of 10:00 PM EST Monday their sight hasn't been updated, but according to a 6:00 PM EST segment, everybody's favorite celebrity wife-murder since OJ, Scott Peterson, is now talking. Scotty now has, we're told by a San Quentin warden, a gaggle of condemned yard friends, including one that stabbed and burned a 4-year-old girl after raping her. Yay! He's adapting to death row! I bet all his newfound bitches love calling him by his self-styled nickname "Scotty Too Hotty." I'm sure there's lot's of playful frolic in the yard and in the shower with a nickname from the heart like that. Scott the Scamp, I say! And he's now changed the picture in his (death row, what-a-what-a-what-a-brother know!) cell from he and Lacy on their wedding day to he and Lacy on the beach (no word if it's the same beach he killed her off of, but it was a short segment of the show). That old honeydripper! Oh, it warms the heart to see such a nice young lad getting along so well. But don't take my word for it, silly geese! Here, from the wife-murder himself...


(after the afterglow of this lovelyness fades, remind me to smack down these fuckin' canuck bongo-manglers who are allowing the scum piece-of-shit wife-murder Scott Peterson a public platform)


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