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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ex. Haus. Ted.


Washed the house.
Scrubbed all the windows in the house.
Four (?) loads of laundry.
Brought one bookcase upstairs (one left to assemble) and filled it with Maine books and appropriate nick-nacks.
Vacuumed, dry and wet Swiffed and then polished the floors.
Scrubbed the cabinets and baseboards.
Cut up lemons and oranges and threw the fruit down the drain (trash compactor) and the rinds in a pot of water for a low four-hour simmer. All-natural air-freshener.
Etc., etc.

I started at 9:00, and basically just finished for good at 4:00 PM. I didn't mow the lawn, because we ran out of gas for the mower. But I got everything else.

I'm going to try to crash for a few now, before our beloved friend Amy arrives from Seattle. Which could be any minute now...


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