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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Reflections before the cycle begins all over again

Hamering Man
Hamering Man,
originally uploaded by Westbye.
Things are moving incredibly fast. We return to Seattle in 31 days. Summer is begining to give ground, and plans are falling away. Other plans rapidly approach. Plan to accomplish the plans? None in place. I love nothing more than sitting on our stoop and discussing the minutae of it all: planting flowers in front, putting up shutters, how to decorate for the holidays, when to do what. Actually doing it, and in time, is something different. I'm not complaining in the least. It's amazing to actually have options. We're three years removed from having roomates, fachrissakes, and I'm four years removed from sleeping on the floor and hoping to roll enough change to afford a burrito. That said, we're paying at least $700 more per month now than we were four months ago as renters, and I'm slightly less than comfortable with this. Still...
Life is hurtling. I'm trying to keep up. Business as usual.


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