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Friday, November 04, 2005

Drugs and drink and extreme ESP

I was standing in front of the library this morning, trying to find some stuff to throw in the juke for the drive to work. I was hearing a little twang in my head. Wilco (the A.M. album, long before Jeff Tweedy kicked anti-depressants and lost the twang that made Wilco Wilco), Wilco's brilliant predecessor Uncle Tupelo (Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar; the Mick and Keith of Alt-Country), maybe my old band of a few good months The Kickbacks. Farrar's "Give Back the Keys to My Heart" from Anodyne and "Still Be Around" from Still Feel Gone, Tweedy's "Box Full of Letters" and, well, the rest of A.M.. I grabbed A.M. and Still Feel Gone in a tough executive decision, and bolted for the door. As my dear wife was about to shut the door, she suddenly ran back inside...and came back out with Anodyne because she wanted to hear "Give Back..." Better half, friends and countrymen: better half.

I must remember to conduct my informal poll of how many of eight minutes of commercial time on NBC Nightly News go to big pharmaceutical. I think my new favorite is for "Restless Leg Syndrome". Yes, Restless Leg Syndrome. You know what that is? Some sad-sack wanted to qualify for a medical disability to work at home and happened to find a doctor with no ethics and a little pull. "Mah leg gets to twitchin' an' ah cayn't stop it!" "Well, looky! That there's a recognized medical condition called...uh....Restless Leg Syndrome! Hot dawg!" Wanna cure Restless Leg Syndrome? Cut back on that 10 PM pot of French Roast. Problem solved, with fifty-million percent less of a marketing budget.

I'm a good bit behind on NaNo duties. Then again, it's the first Friday after twelve days of hosting the in-laws, and a lovely Shiraz/Cab presented itself. You can see the bind that I'm in, right?


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