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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I must say I'm feeling rather pleasant after a few frosties and a rack of riblets at Applebee's (big splurge, woo!), and with a divine pint in front of me now. It's good to escape from work and pressure and thinking about stuff and etc...

Another afternoon of "We shove fun down your throat!" corporate company morale building today. Balls. My morale was greatly diminished as I spend all of two hours trapped in a rah-rah fest thinking of how far behind I was proofing the flyer and sending out necessary reports on deadline. I was stuck with a table of strangers for trivia. I knew that Chuck Jones directed the Grinch, so I won some major points for our cause. Big fucking deal. I'm all for company pride, but, y'know, not if you also expect to have a perfect flyer arriving in mail, Sunday paper and store. Fortunately I'm a master of smile-politely-and-think-vile-thoughts. Good thing I don't really have a flamethrower.

The in-laws are arriving for the second time this year on Saturday. Much to accomplish before then, and my tank of drive is on E. Great. Oh well: shut up and get it done. We will.

We were discussing the all-encompasing horror that is Mariah Carey on the drive in yesterday. While we both served up our fair share of bitchslaps, she won the battle by suggesting that Mariah probably spritzes every e-mail with perfume. Somehow, I don't doubt that for a second.

It's autumn in Maine, and I couldn't be happier...


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