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Monday, October 10, 2005

In 1492, Columbus was a fraud for you

Ah, Columbus Day. Greatest holiday of the year! Yessir, I went all-out this year. Put three ships in our front yard, discovered and planted a flag for the Minty Fresh republic in the neighbors yard, discovered the wrong neighborhood on the way to work... Since annexing the neighbors yard for my own, of course, I now have to come back and claim the land and inhabitants for real, but that's a mere formality. Piddly details. Hell, it's Columbus Day!

Sorry, but Chris Rock was fuckin' spot-on. "Just call it 'Monday Off!'" (except for me, since my company doesn't really believe in company-sanctioned holidays, but I digress)

As noted, we celebrated "Steal The Land and Rape and Pillage the Natives Day" with a choice bottle of Cianti and a frozen thin-crust. Close enough.

I can't even begin to keep up with all of the stamps my mental passport is collecting lately. Suffice it to say that I miss Seattle hardcore, I miss New York hardcore, I miss Boston hardcore, and in the process I'm missing autumn in Maine hardcore, even if I'm physically present for that. Money, lack thereof, furnace woes, remodeling desires, landscaping plans, travel, food, moderate solvency, work draining, natural disaters, sleep deprivation, sleeping on my new queen mattress in my new bedroom set (five years removed from sleeping on a floor, have I mentioned that?), expenses, steadily rising credit score, responsibility, a moderate amount of peace and contentment, literary jags to follow to conclusion, events to partake in, possibilities...

I'm all about the possibilities of life these days. Maybe it'll keep getting better and better. The alternative is to think about it and overanalyze it. Not that I'd ever do that, of course.


Blogger RitalinKat said...

Congrats for graduating on sleeping on a floor.. there was a bed that we moved (i vaguely remember)... Chalk it up to sleeping on the perfect form for a straight spine... Columbus Day is a shaft.. i've never had it off...those who do are far and few...Just another fascist holiday for the government to pretend they need one for working so fucking hard.

10:56 PM


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