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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Delaying the Inevitable

Wednesday, neigh-on 10:00 PM. The alarm will be going off in seven hours. I need to try to sleep, but I can hardly bear the thought of dragging upstairs and disconnecting. Because I can't disconnect. Too many stops on my mental jags, my passport hardly stamped. And the fatigue I can't face brings on too many arch metaphors, but I can't get away from that either. I have

too many ideas to formulate and turn into articles and no idea how to start

too many publications to pitch with too many ideas that don't clearly exist yet

too many clients who aren't aware that they will be clients to prospect

too much wallpaper to scrape

too many bills to hack down

too many issues with the day job to address

too much on the plate in general

How do I start? More to the point, how do I stop? How do I shut it down, stop delaying the inevitable and start getting to?

Can't I just suddenly be E.B. White?

Maybe after the alarm goes off and the work day ends I can start to figure it all out...





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