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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Upon Returning

We arrived at PWM around 5:15, after ten hours spent in lines, terminals and metal tubes 39,000 feet above the 45th parallel and a decent stretch of Canadian air space. Alas, our luggage decided to linger for a bit at JFK. Word is that our bag will arrive in Maine around 11:45 tonight, and will be delivered sometime, to some address, tomorrow. I hope this is the case: I'd love to get my clothes and kicks back, to say nothing of my shaving implements, and all the wife's toiletries. This, I suppose, is the price paid for a smooth series of flights free from delays - taking away free food and encouraging the American caste system in general by cramming more and more plebes into steerage with just enough leg room to probably avoid deep vein thrombosis and denying access to first class loos just isn't enough, apparently.

Ah, the glory of flight.


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