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Thursday, August 11, 2005

It takes a village idiot: Part II

Ok, let me make sure I've got this.

Two scenarios present themselves at the olde ball game (actually three, but sitting peacefully and watching the game apparently doesn't get you laid).

Scenario I: You jump, the net DOESN'T hold you, and you plummet an extra twenty feet and you DIE. This leads nicely to Scenario Ia: You jump, you plummet an extra twenty feet and you DIE and you take out many more people on landing. These don't even enter your feeble little mind, so you jump, so to speak, immediately to

Scenario II: You jump, the net holds, and...

This is where I'm a bit perplexed. The net holds and...you're viewed as a hero? So much so that the cops will part the crowd as you crawl back up and give you a ticker-tape shower back to your seat? Oh, and then the game is halted while the team insists you come on down and give a speach at home plate? "Today...I consider myself...the most hard-core mad-whack G on the face of the earth, yo!" Help me out here, as I'm a bit confused as to how this one was to turn out.

I think somebody's Abercrombie card is about to be cut off...


Blogger RitalinKat said...

said jumper did get arrested... prolly gonna spank his arse and no play ps2 for a week for that.

2:29 PM


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