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Friday, December 30, 2005

Big Friday night kicks

Where would this world be without Lou Reed and Isaac Hayes, I ask you?

That's what's been spinning today in the ride and the home juke, along with disc two of this and disc one of this. It's good to be a cultural dilettante.

It's also good to have a self-styled three day weekend ahead after a 45 hour week of cube life. It's really good to have an August trip to Chi to look forward to, and an anniversary sojurn to Newport in June. We got married in Seattle. A year later, we celebrated our first anniversary in Coney and the Village with this gibone. The theme presented itself, and we're now on a tradition of being somewhere else for each anniversary. Yes, this means that we have another 48 to go, and that will include stops like Little Rock, O.K. City and Omaha. But life is all about doing stuff that you don't want to do. I can live with that.

Bed, wake, clean, straighten, read the paper, drink in the new year, lather, rinse, repeat...


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