Piss off...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A bit of nothing in order to force myself to keep the fingers moving on the keys...

Blank page, blank mind. Blank Sunday. I'm moving the fingers, at least, and with that, something is developing. I have no idea what, but there is a little more black on the page now. Effort = results = pride in progress. Or so I've been telling myself for lo these 13 years.

Great long A-Dub birthday weekend. We cruised to Portland on Friday for lunch at Bull Feeney's, tripped a bit through the Old Port, back home for reading and crashing and margs at Margs. Splitting wood in a brilliant, brisk spring day that owed much more to late October than late March yesterday, laughs and love with the 'rents, a muted smoky sky on the way home. And now here and now and nothing of worth to report.

But I'll keep trying...


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