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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take to the Sky

I am currently 34,014 feet above Lake Michigan, hurtling toward Seattle at 387 MPH. 4:45 to go on the flight. Temp outside is -66 •F. I am listening to Royksopp, and will later listen to Stan Getz.


I'm trying to imagine E.B. White or my current seat companion Jerry Salinger and what they would think of this business. In order to pull a comperable feat, they would have to drag an Underhill onto a DC-9, probably TWA, add a phonograph, and then mail their musings upon landing. Their flight from Maine to Seattle would likely take twice as long, and they would be smoking the entire haul. They would definitely not have HBO like I currently do. In. Credible. All I have to do is punch the buttons and hit Post.

They definitely didn't have a Post icon, either.

What an age we live in...


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