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Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Do, or Not To Do

7:25 of a Saturday morning in January. Incredible sunrise, muted blues and reds over the hills, gold hitting the church. Temperature is 10, wind chill -2, and I’m disappointed that it’s not much colder. This is real deal winter; deeply a part of my essence. I’m embracing it and loving it.

Once again, time to sort the piles of mental detritus that have been building over the week. Cleaning the house: not too bad, mostly sweeping, dusting and straightening. Lots of laundry, but there always is. Plenty of food in the house, so no worries there. I’ll need to spend some more time figuring out the discrepancy between my Year to Date wages and my W2, but I’ll probably need to track down someone in payroll on Monday (oh, and payroll has been relocated out of my building in Maine to Salisbury – very convenient business, that).

And then there’s the hoarder room…

I suppose every homeowner has one, to some level. That room where you just kind of throw the pile of bills on the counter when company comes over and swear that you’ll get to the bills right after company leaves. Well, ours has become a slightly larger deal than one pile of bills. And it needs to be cleaned out, as we now need an actual study room for the newly minted MBA girl. The question is figuring out how much I can tackle today vs. tomorrow.

Because as part of cleaning out the hoarder room, I also have three bookshelves to assemble, and books to pack up from the hoarder room and arrange in the newly assembled bookshelves. From there, it’s cleaning out and weeding out the basement. Then starting the packing process. Then getting a storage space and moving six years worth of life over to the storage space piecemeal. Then while all this is happening, dedicating time to my writing business, my new creative writing venture(s), getting to that pile of bills that (re)started the hoarder room..

7:45 of a Saturday morning in January. Better get to. Maybe after another French press…


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