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Monday, August 22, 2005

A quiet seeth

As of right now, we no longer have our chosen seats to or fro Seattle. I got an e-mail from Orbitz: subject heading "A Change in your Itinerary" or some such. Great. The last time I got one of those, Northwest (www.nwa.com, I shit you not. Our pilot tonight will be Eazy Mothafuckin' E, with galley service from MC Ren!) informed us that they had decided to add an extra layover on our return from Seattle, plunking us down in MPLS for fourty-five minutes before continuing on to our original connection in Detroit on the way to Manchester NH and a two hour drive home. Ja, that sucked, you betcha. This time, the change looks good. All our flights are departing five minutes earlier now. Fine.

But we no longer have our chosen seats. I called Orbitz, and was told that apparently, since our carrier decided to alter their flight times, it is, for all intents and purposes, a new flight with a clean slate of booked passengers. I was told I could get our (choice) seats back online. I told my darling little Customer Convenience Agent that this option was not currently available online. Darling little Customer Convenience Agent basically told me to keep trying. I will do so. Goddammit, I want our good seats. Give me the dignity to survive six hours each way in steerage and get out first. If this falls through, I'm going ripshit, and it will be less than pretty.


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straight from the c-p-t, bitches!

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