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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jet City Dispatch

Live from the Westlake Mall, 4th and Pine, Seattle. It's a Saturday morning and I'm killing a few minutes trying to figure out my next move while the wifey is off with old friends. Got a window food court seat right next to the monorail station: front row view of all the monorailists. Buncha tools. Then again I'm sitting here with a fucking McIced, which is a new precident of low and vulgar in itself. So never mind. What do I want to do? I think a little book hunting. What do I want for grub? Trickier question. Teriyaki yesterday, so that's out. Pho? Indian? Oysters? Other? Better get out there and figure it out. Tips (like never ever get another McIced again) welcome...


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