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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

Man, what a ride of late.

My dear friend Jess and I have launched this site, and it has been such an incredible, liberating, soul-searching-and-discovering experience. Through this work, I’m finding a voice, and forcing myself to flesh it out. And it is good, friends and countrymen. It is very good.

This winter has officially kicked my ass into a quivering pool of mush. But it now, FINally, appears to be over, as I sat out on my porch in shirt-sleeves today and had my first cigar of the year. I wait for this moment yearly: normally I try to wait for the Kentucky Derby, but I find myself so shell-shocked from this winter that I had to take the plunge today. And yes, I chose wisely.

My A-Dub is kicking some ass in her first semester of grad school, over two decades removed from the pedagogical life. I am unspeakable proud of her and her accomplishments, and somewhat envious. Maybe after she finishes, I’ll actually get A degree of some kind. Maybe…

Of course I went to music school, dropped out with solid Cs and still managed to sell out the House of Blues on a Tuesday night and record with punk-rock luminaries and share stages with the gods, so I guess I did alright in my previously chosen field…

And do we stay in our house, which we love, and re-fi? Or move back to Portland,
which we love, and out of our neighborhood and commute, which we hate?

So there’s a metric shit-ton of contemplation fodder of late. We will figure it out, and we will be okay. But it’s going to be quite the journey to get there…


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