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Monday, September 26, 2011

C Sucks

Too many Cs floating around lately. To wit:

Cough and Cold, which are currently wracking my body into pieces
Cats: two new five-month old sisters, both of whom have the energy and persistence of a meth addict, and the incumbent, whom we’ve had for almost eight years and is less than thrilled to have the new interlopers invading her turf
Compassion: which I have an endless supply of, and an endless capacity to try to use it to save the world, make it all better and take away the pain of everyone I care about. And I have no idea how to even think of how to take care of me, as a result.
Crazy: my new work situation, with at least half of the processes I rely on daily moved out of the building to Carolina. As a result I am feeling quite crazy of late.
Clean: staying so in the midst of all these other swirling Cs and their evil voices to get me to “Cope” like I used to
Cs involving certain reproductive organs that I can’t really get into and can’t really face. See Crazy and multiply many times to see what this is doing to me.

I really don’t like C. Really. Can I move on to D?


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