Piss off...

Friday, April 22, 2011


Things are happening.

Incredible, amazing things are happening. I have – and am – a medium. People are talking to me, scenes are unfolding. Situations are presenting themselves and answers are following questions.

I am writing.

Finally, writing like I always suspected I could. Finally writing like a writer with a megaphone in the town square and a literary future ahead. Finally writing with passion and obsession and fire, completely immersed in each piece like my life depends on it, then moving on and becoming completely immersed in the next piece like my life depends on it.

Writing like I’m coming into my own and discovering my muses.

Writing like a writer…

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

Man, what a ride of late.

My dear friend Jess and I have launched this site, and it has been such an incredible, liberating, soul-searching-and-discovering experience. Through this work, I’m finding a voice, and forcing myself to flesh it out. And it is good, friends and countrymen. It is very good.

This winter has officially kicked my ass into a quivering pool of mush. But it now, FINally, appears to be over, as I sat out on my porch in shirt-sleeves today and had my first cigar of the year. I wait for this moment yearly: normally I try to wait for the Kentucky Derby, but I find myself so shell-shocked from this winter that I had to take the plunge today. And yes, I chose wisely.

My A-Dub is kicking some ass in her first semester of grad school, over two decades removed from the pedagogical life. I am unspeakable proud of her and her accomplishments, and somewhat envious. Maybe after she finishes, I’ll actually get A degree of some kind. Maybe…

Of course I went to music school, dropped out with solid Cs and still managed to sell out the House of Blues on a Tuesday night and record with punk-rock luminaries and share stages with the gods, so I guess I did alright in my previously chosen field…

And do we stay in our house, which we love, and re-fi? Or move back to Portland,
which we love, and out of our neighborhood and commute, which we hate?

So there’s a metric shit-ton of contemplation fodder of late. We will figure it out, and we will be okay. But it’s going to be quite the journey to get there…